About Us

Our mission is to empower children in underprivileged communities by providing them with educational opportunities.


We support indigenous schools with teacher’s salaries, books, educational equipment, construction or maintenance of classrooms, nutrition for the children and other needs.  In addition the charity encourages self-sustainability and may support other types of institutions that focus on children, such as orphanages, with educational and health related programs and material or equipment.

Mommy Sue’s Children was formed to provide charitable funding for local grass roots projects that are not supported by another entity. These projects are home-grown. We do not dictate how they operate – instead we support their vision and provide much needed funding and guidance to get them on their feet. The projects we select must have the goal of self-sustainability.

We are proud that our first project is the Community School of Bellevue, Haiti!


Board of Directors:

President: Susan Mardinly
Vice President: Michael Corrado
Member: Albert DeCresenzo
Member: Jonathan Bridges

Volunteer Staff:

Executive Director: Susan Mardinly
Director of Communications and Development: Shaina Mardinly