Fly Eagles Fly!

The Kids at the school are rooting for the Eagles!  (we ARE a Philly based non-profit...)

Channel 3 put Maxo's Eagles Video on the air this morning!


The Pump was installed and water is coming out at about 25-30 gallons per minute!! The next step is to purchase a generator and a cistern, install the cistern on the top of the roof, put in the filter system and we’re good to go.

It’s the first day of School!

9/11/17 About 85 students showed up for the first day of school.  Many students don’t come at the beginning because they lack shoes or books.  Although these things are technically required by the Haitian Government, they are not required by the Community School of Bellevue. Education is the most important thing – shoes or no shoes!  Maxo will be visiting …

The Building is Done

and we’re waiting for the pump company to come to install the pump!

The right side of the building is the well house – there will be a tank on top to hold the pumped water, then there will be pipes down the side to buckets with filters.

The left side is the new office/library/storage area! Finally – a secure area to store items like books and computers. This opens up a world of possibilities for the children at the school!