How to Help

See What Your Donation can Do!

  • $25 Uniform
    In Haiti, all students must wear school uniforms. Although the Community school of Bellevue will accept children who do not have a uniform, it is a boost to the students pride to own one. For many of these students, a uniform may be the only new clothing they will get this year. $25 provides the money for the material for a uniform as well as pays a local seamstress to make it, thereby providing a source of income for some local community members.
  • $50 School Supplies
    Books and paper are expensive in Haiti.  When you look at the pictures you will notice that many children are sharing books.  This is because the children can not afford books of their own.  Those books that are not written in are reused from year to year.  We strive to get each child their own set of supplies for the year.
  • $100 A teachers monthly salary
    A teachers salary at the Community School of Bellevue is $100 per month, an average salary for teachers in Haiti.  We strive to give competitive salaries so that we can attract and retain quality teachers.   Most teachers in Haiti do not have more than a high school degree.  We would like to implement a teachers training program to further educate the teachers at the CSB.
  • $250 True cost to send a child to school
    If each child in the school could pay $250 for a year, we could pay all the teachers, provide two uniforms and school supplies, and provide clean water and a snack for all, and maintain the buildings and property.
  • $1000 A teacher’s yearly Salary
    The School year is 10 months long.  A teacher makes $1000 in one year.
  • $10,000 Builds one Classroom
    We are in the beginning stages of a capital campaign – we have land purchased!  Click here to learn about our new facility.