The Crisis in Haiti in Maxo’s words – shared with his permission

School has been closed since the last week in September due to the violence. Below is a link to an article about what is happening, and words from Maxo about how his community is suffering


Maxo’s words on the situation in Haiti – Mid October 2019

“This time is worse than last time Mom.

People can’t go anywhere to get food or staff. Yesterday people in my community were trying to go to the flea market they were a lot shooting and stones and bottles, they ran away!
Except this morning we had a little access to go out to Buy some food and protesters are already in the streets again

We need prayers and help even sick peoples can’t go to the hospital Mom.
We have woman that has cancer she is very ill said the doctor but they cannot take her to the hospital
It is so sad Mom and complicated Mom”

A few days later he said:

“Things are disagreeable in Haiti and very critical.
People are dying with hunger, people are being killed, and
Things are getting more and more expensive, you can’t find anything to buy like rice, sugar peas, corn etc…
We still have a lot of unrest’s burning tires, roadblocks, shooting and so on…”

Maxo’s words on the situation in Haiti – Early November 2019

On receiving money from Western Union to pay the teachers when asked how, if the banks are closed… :  “I always give a tip to them so I get in touch with even privately when they open they just tell me.  It [the tip] also helps to get it safely.”

On getting money to the teachers: “I can do that secretly, Mom”

On getting gas for the generator for the well:  “We try to stay safe. We don’t go out Mom. No way to go out to get so gas Mom. Sometimes in the week end like Saturday and Sunday they sometimes give a short break and we profit to do it.”

  Some good news! 

  • Although it is sad that people are suffering due to the turmoil, your generous donations made it possible for Maxo to buy food for 300 families to get them through the roughest of times.
  • In case I didn’t say it before, the 9th graders took the national test last year, and 100% passed!  That’s unheard of for a community school!  In an aside, I have talked to several Haitian Rotarians who upon hearing this news said “keep those teachers!”
  • Again, due to your generosity and our partnership with At Home Ministries, we have been able to continue paying the teachers during the school closures.  We are hoping they, along with the children and families at the school make it through this time in good health and are able to get back to work when schools finally open again.