Our Mission:
Empower children in underprivileged communities by providing them with educational opportunities.

Our Project:
Support the Community School of Bellevue in Gressier, Haiti – a free school for children who cannot afford an education.

Why the name “Mommy Sue’s Children”?

Mommy Sue with Happy Children

Together, We Make their Brighter Futures Within Reach! 

Please Read ABOUT THE SCHOOL to learn about The Community School of Bellevue.

Maxo, one of the founders of the school, was Rotarian Sue’s interpreter when she responded to the earthquake in Haiti.

Sue traveled to Haiti five-six times a year after the earthquake helping mostly with an orphanage but taking interest in Maxo’s school.  Maxo was always her translator.  Maxo and Sue became close, and he began to call her Mommy Sue.

One day about three years after the earthquake, and after seeing the school grow due to all the support from disaster response teams that Maxo interpreted for, Sue asked about the school.  Maxo replied that he was going to have to close the school because the disaster response groups had gone, and his income could not support it.  Sue said she would try to get help from her Rotary Club.

When Sue returned a few months later bringing enough dollars to keep the school running through the end of the year, Maxo, with tears in his eye, opened his arms wide indicating all the students and said, “These are all Mommy Sue’s Children now!”  Mommy Sue’s Children was created with the support of the Rotary Club of Concordville-Chadds Ford after it became clear it was too large a project for one small club.