Mommy Sue’s Children was born of an International Project
of the Rotary Club of Concordville Chadds Ford (D7450) 

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Rotary Club Opportunities:

  • General Support for Teachers, Staff and Student Scholarships

  • Toilet Facilities

  • Solar (there is no electricity at the school)

  • Visit the school and learn all that you can do to help!

School Wish List

  • Science Building

  • Science Lab Materials

  • Musical Instruments

  • Sewing Machines

  • Summer School items – yarn, needles and hooks, etc.

Mommy Sue’s Children Volunteer Wish List:

  • Web Master

  • Social Media Guru

  • Newsletter Editor

  • Development/Grant Writer

  • Fundraiser


General Support for Teachers, Staff and Student Scholarships

Special thanks to Rotary Clubs of Concordville Chadds Ford, Longwood, Media, Twin Valley, and Ardmore, Gundaker, and many wonderful and dedicated Rotarians, Interact Clubs and Rotary Clubs!

Food Program and Kitchen Building

Joint District Grant Concordville Chadds Ford (D7450) & Saucon Rotary (D7430)

Rotaract Club of Longwood who got the program going!!!

Well and well house

 Concordville Chadds Ford, Media, Chester, Twin Valley Rotary,

District 7450 Grant

Kindergarten, Ninth & Tenth Grade Classrooms, desks, supplies

 Concordville Chadds Ford, Rotary District 7450, and A Very Special Rotarian


Gundaker Foundation

Pavilion & Fruit Trees for shade and outdoor learning

Ardmore Rotary


Gundaker Foundation

Literacy and Music projects

Frankford Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club


Gundaker Foundation







Why the name “Mommy Sue’s Children”?

Maxo, the founder of the school, was Rotarian Sue’s interpreter when she responded to the earthquake in Haiti.

Sue traveled to Haiti 5-6 times a year after the earthquake helping mostly with an orphanage, but taking interest in Maxo’s school.  Maxo was always her translator.  Maxo and Sue became close, and he began to call her Mommy Sue (he had lost his mother and upon hearing that she hugged him and said she wished she could adopt him!) 

One Day about 3 years after the earthquake, and after seeing the school grow due to all the support from disaster response teams that Maxo interpreted for, Sue asked about the school.  Maxo replied that he was going to have to close the school because the disaster response groups had gone, and his income could not support it.  Sue said she would try to get help from her Rotary Club.

When Sue returned a few months later bringing enough dollars to keep the school running through the end of the year, Maxo, with tears in his eye, opened his arms wide indicating all the students and said “These are all Mommy Sue’s Children now!”    Mommy Sue’s Children was created with the support of the Rotary Club of Concordville-Chadds Ford after it became clear it was too large a project for one club. 

Together, We Make their Brighter Futures Within Reach!