Latest Happenings at the Community School of Bellevue – All thanks to you!!!

School has been closed since the last week in September due to the violence.  Maxo believes schools may open sometime in December in their area.  It’s still very bad in Port-au-Prince, but tensions seem to be easing in Gressier.  But things are still progressing at the school!


The 10th Grade Room was added, and the 1st-4th grade classrooms got an upgrade!

Before the troubles started, Maxo was able to leverage donated funds to expand the 1st-4th grade rooms to add additional space, and to upgrade the building to use cement block!  The ‘walls’ between the rooms are still plywood and can be swung to the side to make a large auditorium area for large school and community gatherings!


A Shaded outdoor area was added.

An area was built for the children to enjoy their recess in the shade!  This concrete block structure is open sided, and provides a much needed shaded area for the students as well as the teachers and staff.  Eventually, fruit trees will be planted around the area,  Thanks to the Rotary Club of Ardmore!

Construction has begun on a Kitchen that will be needed for a food program at the school.

Partnering with At Home Ministries and the Kennett Rotaract Club, a food program will be implemented at the school.  In order to store the food needed and cook for over 300 students, The Rotary Club of Saucon partnered with the Rotary Club of Concordville Chadds Ford for district grants to build a Kitchen!

  Some OTHER good news! 

  • Although it is sad that people are suffering due to the turmoil, your generous donations made it possible for Maxo to buy food for 300 families to get them through the roughest of times.
  • In case I didn’t say it before, the 9th graders took the national test last year, and 100% passed!  That’s unheard of for a community school!  In an aside, I have talked to several Haitian Rotarians who upon hearing this news said “keep those teachers!”
  • Again, due to your generosity and our partnership with At Home Ministries, we have been able to continue paying the teachers during the school closures.  We are hoping they, along with the children and families at the school make it through this time in good health and are able to get back to work when schools finally open again.