Community School of Bellevue

The Founders of the Community School of Bellevue:

Avril and Maxo


Bellevue Community School – Haiti

The Bellevue Community School was started by two young men, Maxo and Avril, who had the benefit of a mentor encouraging and helping them to stay in school.


In the founder’s words “This is a school for the poorest of the poor.”

Although neither had finished high school, Maxo was among the lucky few in Haiti with employment.  In trying to provide an education for his siblings after his parents passed, he noticed just how many of the young children in their community were not in school because their parents could not afford to send them.  He sought his friends help in trying to educate these children, along with their siblings, and the school was born.

In Maxo’s words “This is a school for the poorest of the poor. Without this school,these children would have no education, and therefore no future”.

The school is now housed in a wooden shed-like structure that was built by teams from Reach Global that responded to the earthquake.  There are 12 classrooms.  The school runs classes for pre-K through the 9th grade.  There are 15 teachers, plus the founders, Maxo and Avril, teach when they can.   The school is located on about 2/3 acre in Gressier that we were able to purchase for the school.

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